TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame By Michael J. McFadden

TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame

Bulk Orders

Single copies of either TobakkoNacht or Dissecting Antismokers' Brains are best ordered through the Amazon or Barnes and Noble sites.

However, both TobakkoNacht and my original Dissecting Antismokers' Brains books are ideal for use in outreach/educational campaigns and as texts in high-school and college courses examining such things as political/social use and misuse of language and statistics for strategic purposes; the controversy over smoking bans, taxes, and regulations; and the general psycho-social manipulation of thoughts and attitudes at the population level by powers desiring to create and maintain preferred behavior patterns in societies under their control. Both books examine not just the facts of such human manipulations, but the dangers and damages, on both individual and societal levels, that go along with them.

As such, there will be times when people will be interested in bulk orders for either or both volumes, and I am happy to make such bulk orders available at discounts made possible by economies of scale. Anyone desiring to order three or more copies would be eligible for a significant discount, with those discounts mounting as I am able to take advantage of my own ordering of bulk print-runs. Additional discounts are available for larger orders for use in educational settings or as part of specific Free Choice campaigns. Please write to with your specific needs or queries.

There are also some corollary items available: posters suitable for wall-hanging and display (e.g. blowups of the covers, some of the illustrations, the "Brainy" character, a somewhat condensed first half of the "Author's Preface, or the "Four Pages Of Hate" arranged as a unitary grid-block), in sizes up to roughly four feet square, and possibly coffee mugs and such things as well.

And finally, you'll see a button below for donations. During the pre-publication phase of TobakkoNacht, many folks added donations to their orders and they were both much needed and greatly appreciated. They allowed me to more quickly produce a product of higher quality and greater distribution than would otherwise have been possible.